Hello, potential LEGEND! Are you a Museo user? We are looking to feature artists and printers that utilize Museo Fine Art paper in their work right here on this page. If you are interested in getting one of your photos and a small bio with a link to the destination of your choice, please submit the form below with a little bit about who you are and why you use Museo for your art. We will be featuring submissions in a monthly email news blast with full credit and link out to your work.

    Michael Schoenfeld Biography

    “I’ve always harbored an inner desire to understand and experience darn near everything – the “grown-up gets to live out the childhood fantasy” thing. But I grew up, (sort of) and realized even the most insomniac-ridden among us only gets the same 24 hours. Lord knows, I am truly grateful for this life; I’d be an idiot and a jerk if I wasn’t. But what I have come to appreciate about my slightly scattered mind is a need to explore the omnipresent connections “between things.”

    “I am a photographer based in Salt Lake City Utah, USA. I have been featured in the Graphis Photo annual for the past 4 years and will be again this year. I use Museo Silver Rag for all of my Black and White printing.” – Michael Schoenfeld

    Thank you Michael for being a Museo Legend!

    You can find Michael’s work on his website page linked here

    Nicholas Whitman

    “I have been using Museo since I was a beta tester as it was being designed. I use the paper and cards. Print quality is important. Many of my photographs are of dark subjects, for example landscapes illuminated by moonlight. The rich, velvety blacks achievable on Museo help bring my prints to life.

    One of my prints, Moonlit Spray on Rocks, Buzzards Bay, is currently in the major exhibition; A Wild Note of Longing; ALBERT PINKHAM RYDER; and a Century of American art. It is the only photograph in a gallery full of exquisite paintings. It looks great!” – Nicholas Whitman

    Thank you Nicholas for being a Museo Legend!

    You can find Nicholas’ work on his website page linked here

    About Robert Johnson, Jonsar Studios

    “We are a portrait photography team based in Brooklyn, NY with a wide array of clients and subjects, ranging from drag queens to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. We choose MUSEO because the paper and cards, simply put, have a certain majesty to them. The card stock feels important in hand, which impresses clients. They have a watercolor texture and a warmth that adds to their beauty. Additionally, enlargements look like works of art, the depth, detail and texture combine together like no other paper we’ve used.” – Robert Johnson

    Thank you Robert for being a Museo Legend!

    You can find Robert’s work on his website page linked here

    Falcon Biography

    “I don’t see the world with my eyes. I see the world with my emotions. I am visually impaired. I suffer from a genetic/environmental disease that has atrophied my irises, and which has taken away my ability to see color, except in near darkness.

    Born in rural Connecticut at a time when truck farms stretched across the hills north of New Haven, I have lived a life more closely akin to Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath than to that of a modern person. The eldest of five, the son of an alcoholic, at seven I began what I have described as his “journey into hell,” a reference to the three years I spent working among migrants on a truck farm near the family home. Those brutal three years, framed by my own near-death experience on the farm, opened me to a side of human existence few ever see.

    The same year I went to work on the farm, I read Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. Coupled with my experiences on the farm, these works have shaped my life. At ten I went to work in the labs at Yale, where I remained until I was sixteen. I would eventually earn a PhD in Biblical Theology from Emory University. I attended Yale and Fordham as well. In 1998, I was awarded a Computerworld-Smithsonian Medal for my accomplishments in information technology. I was nominated by Michael Dell.

    In 2002, my life-long struggle with anorexia brought me to the edge of death for the fourth time in six years. A few months earlier, I had bought my first camera – a digital camera. In January of 2003, JD Milazzo and I founded The House of NyghtFalcon. I had never worked with film. I didn’t just walk away from a corporate career in IT. I walked to my humanity. What makes us human, is not logic and reason. It is our emotional encounter with the world, what Heidegger called dwelling poetically. When we open ourselves emotionally to the world, we see the world again. For the first time. In 2018, I began using vintage lenses on my medium format camera to create still images that embody my emotional vision of the world. In 2019, I began using a vintage Pentax 6×7 film camera along with those lenses.

    That emotional encounter with the world is the genesis of the vibrant colors that often characterize both my work and the work of The House of NyghtFalcon. The firm has pioneered the creation of digital images that have the look of several dozen vintage films. Often regarded as the “special ops” of photography, JD Milazzo and I are equally at home on the streets of any major city, or as has been the case, in the jungles of Central America, or in a military coup in Honduras. The House of NyghtFalcon has been sponsored by a number of firms over its distinguished history, including Pentax, Samsung, Profoto, Wacom, and DxO Labs. Museo provides me with the ULTIMATE emotional experience in the images I print.”

    Thank you Falcon for being a Museo Legend!

    You can find Falcon and JD Milazzo’s work on their website page linked here

    John Kennard Biography

    John Kennard has been a professional photographer for 40+ years. He studied with Henry Holmes Smith while earning his MFA at Indiana University in the late 70’s. He moved to New York City in 1980 where he was a partner in 220 Print, Inc. specializing in fine art portfolio and exhibition printing working with among others, Larry Clark, Louis Faurer, and Bruce Davidson. He then spent two years as Bruce Davidson’s assistant before launching his own career as a freelance photographer, working first in New York before moving to Boston in 1988.

    John has always been partial to black and white and in the silver printing days favored printing on Kodak F surface and similar surfaced Ilford paper for the richness of the blacks and the tonal range of the papers. With the weight of Museo Silver Rag and the way it prints both black and color images on on my Canon imagePROGRAF-4000P, he has found his paper.

    The baseball work was shot with a 4″x5″ wooden camera between the years of 1979 and 1990, Walden ponders was done with the same camera in the early 90’s, Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, MA in 1990’s, and Havana in the late 90’s.

    Thank you John for being a Museo Legend!

    You can find John’s work on his website page linked here

    Del Higgins Biography

    “I take photos for one simple reason, I love to. I want to capture the beauty in front of me, so that I may keep it timeless forever. When people look at my work I went them to see and feel my emotions, bask in the light emanating, from somewhere behind the glass and perhaps even spark a memory. My favorite part of presenting my work is to see the reactions on people’s faces.

    The decisions I make in my pieces are based on finding the beauty in everyday life that others may overlook or think does not exist. The most striking attribute of my work, I think is my play with light and how it enhances and animates what I am photographing.

    My current work expresses more of my creative side. It is reflecting more of what is becoming, “my style.” The main ingredients to making my style of photographs are, intriguing light, raw emotion, strong foreground presence, and last but not least a sense of depth. With my work, I hope to frame a small piece of myself to share with all who look upon it.”

    Thank you Del for being a Museo Legend!

    You can find Del’s work on his Facebook page linked here

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    Art by Sylvia Ripoll

    Prints and Photos by Antonello Alagna

    Antonello Alagna on Museo Fine Art 

    Antonello is a Fine Art printer in Sicily, Italy at Immaginazione FineArt and his client Sylvia Ripoll is a photographer who prints with Silver Rag exclusively! He says the Silver Rag has a unique texture and prefer using it for its whites that aren’t “cold” with an “excellent gamut”. He says he also likes the gamut of the Textured Rag as well!

    Thank you Sylvia and Antonello for being Museo Legends!

    You can find Sylvia work linked here

    You can also find Antonello’s print shop here

    Peter Ranyard Biography

    Peter has used “Museo papers exclusively in the production of the artwork for exhibition and display. I have used the silver rag, the portfolio rag and the artist cards for both my work and those of my wife, who is also a fine artist. She is an exhibiting watercolour painter. I have printed in both black and white and colour and have found the Museo papers perfect for my requirements.”

    “Peter Ranyard is a formally trained commercial photographer, fine artist, and educator who has maintained a professional arts practice for more than 25 years. He has had extensive experience collaborating on projects in the fine art, corporate, institutional and private sectors in Australia and overseas as well as being a photography teacher and administrator.

    Most recently Peter has had a solo exhibition Coast at CIT in 2012, a two-person exhibition Material Substance and the Lightness of Touch with the ceramicist Sarit Cohen at Form Gallery in 2013, Beneath the Surface at M16 Artspace in 2014, Impermanence at the Firestation Gallery (Armadale Melbourne) in August 2015, the solo exhibition River, at the Huw Davies Gallery at Photoaccess in September 2016 and the group exhibition Memoria Platea at M16 Artspace in November/December 2016. In 2017 and 2018 he has exhibited as part of Design Canberra Festival as well as holding an open studio. In August he was part of the Canon Roadshow projection at the National Portrait Gallery of Australia”

    Thank you Peter for being a Museo Legend!

    You can find Peters’s work linked here

    Tiff Brown Biography

    “Tiffanie Brown is a formally trained fine artist, muralist, and illustrator that has maintained a thriving professional arts practice for more than 20 years. She has extensive experience collaborating on projects in the corporate, institutional and private sectors in Australia and overseas. In November 2007 Tiff held a highly successful solo sell-out exhibition at Solander Gallery, Canberra. In 2008 she was selected as a finalist in the Sulman Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW. Her exhibition quiet noise was also a sell-out. Most recently Tiff won the 2016 Wollongong Art Gallery Contemporary Watercolour prize. She has received numerous corporate and private commissions and has lectured at the University of Canberra.

    Her illustration portfolio is comprised of a wide array of styles and mediums that she has developed and perfected throughout her career. Tiffanie’s range of illustrative styles includes photorealistic watercolour painting and technical cutaway drawing, fine art watercolour, and acrylic painting, as well as a number of black and white styles in various mediums. She also specializes in interior finishes, contemporary graphic murals, and trompe l’oeil. Her work has graced annual reports, brochures, print and television ads, posters, catalogues, manuals, postcards, multimedia productions, and websites. Her mural work appears in public institutions, restaurants, hotels, clubs and private residences around Australia. She has worked also worked as a photographic stylist and is a qualified interior designer.”

    Thank you Tiff for being a Museo Legend!

    You can find Tiff’s work linked here

    Oliver Wehrli Biography

    “I am a fine art landscape photographer from a small village in Switzerland where I live together with my family. Early on I started to develop a passion for landscape photography. In recent years, photography has become the center of my life. I pursue the claim of presenting the landscape in its natural form. The aesthetics of the overall picture are, particularly in focus. For such pictures, I spend many hours in nature. It is the fine colors and the soft light that inspires me. My aim is to convey the beautiful appearance of a landscape scenery in just such an image. Sometimes it takes patience. Only when everything interacts, can a perfect picture emerge.

    The images should not be left alone on the hard disk. The coronation is a print of a photo. For my fine art prints, I use the brilliant Museo Portfolio Rag paper. This paper reflects the unique plasticity and color depth. I love it!”

    Thank you Oliver for being a Museo Legend!

    You can find Oliver’s work linked here

    Sabrina Larcher Biography

    Sabrina Larcher grew up in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. The constant movement of light and colour in nature started to fascinate her early in life. She eventually discovered her passion for photography during her travels, which she likes to combine with sports adventures. Using the camera, she expresses her enthusiasm for landscape, nature, and people in a creative way. Her images capture the individual beauty of each motif, allowing the viewers to experience them from new perspectives. Sabrina often starts her photo excursions before dawn and ends them only after the last light has disappeared behind the horizon. The required time and efforts usually pay off by rewarding her with unique results. These priceless experiences, as well as the moments of absolute contentment and tranquility in the midst of nature, constantly motivate Sabrina to set off with her camera, regardless of wind and weather conditions. It is only the large-format fine art print on high-quality paper that turns the moments captured in her camera into lasting memories. To Sabrina, the final wall picture rounds out her work and makes the experience complete. It breathes life into these particular moments again and allows her to recall the scenes and sensations experienced in all their details.

    For her prints, Sabrina Larcher exclusively uses Museo paper. Her favourite paper is Museo Portfolio Rag due to its unique and unmatched colour depth and luminosity. It’s absolutely amazing.

    Thank you Sabrina for being a Museo Legend!

    You can find Sabrina’s work linked here

    Raffi Kirdi Biography

    Raffi Kirdi is an investigative photojournalist and a fine art photographer. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon. His ancestors came from one of the oldest countries in the world, Armenia, Kingdom of Biainili.

    During his younger years Kirdi dreamed of someday being part of aviation, he wanted to be an airline pilot. That dream soon dissipated due to his even stronger urge to create visual images. He decided to pursue a career in photography. He began learning his craft from the ground up, starting in a photo lab developing pictures. Eventually, he graduated and began working for the French wire service, AFP (Agence France-Press). He continued to pursue his photography career, becoming one of the most successful photographers in the world.

    Kirdi has a passion for lifestyle, fine art, fashion, and exotic landscapes. Fluent in seven languages, he has traveled the world, visiting many picturesque locations and experiencing many wonderful cultures.

    “Photography is a feeling where you express yourself, it’s a profession with an endless stream, says Kirdi”. “They say, it’s your own personal presentation.” “I could never see myself sitting between four walls and doing nothing.” “I chose a profession with an endless stream,” he goes on to say.

    Today, Kirdi is a phenomenally talented photographer based in Canada and EU. His work has been featured in some of the most prestigious magazines and newspaper across the globe such as: Time, Newsweek, Match, Figaro, Oggi, Stern, Paris Match, Harper’s Bizarre, Gala, Esquire, Life and Style, Vanity Fair and Vogue. His work has also been featured in international advertising campaigns for Alitalia and Brahma as well as Italian Photography Annual.

    Thank you Raffi for being a Museo Legend!

    You can find Raffi’s work linked here