Del Higgins’ world is one of natural beauty and peace. Del has a great compositional and technical grasp with his fantastic landscapes with very aesthetically pleasing dramatism incorporated into each frame. Del started taking pictures in high school and got back into it in 2007. You can appreciate his creative growth through his technical expertise and the evolution of his style.

You can tell he is at home in nature and show’s his reverence and respect for the world around him through carefully editing what he chooses to display. One of the greatest challenges I have found as an artist is editing nature photography. The persistence of the world around you makes it all beautiful and to pick and choose what is your best work is challenging to say the least. Del’s landscape echoes many fine art painters and photographers with the world he chooses to show in his work.  His use of water in motion leaves me wanting to see the photos he didn’t choose. Each frame he chooses to show seems to be carefully chosen and well-manicured.

I have a great appreciation for his subtle composition of peace. One of the most difficult things in photography to me is making a peaceful landscape no matter how beautiful, interesting. It takes a great eye for composition and timing to be in the right place to capture the proverbial breath of the wild.


Del does a great job and showcasing color and beauty while keeping his work interesting. He takes advantage of our MAX250/365 line of papers as well our Silver rag fantastic for his style of photography to emphasize the subtle colors along with his vivid colors with deep colors and blacks. His evolution as an artist really shows an artist coming into his own and understanding the world around him.

Check out Del’s work on his Facebook here