Enhance™ Clear Coat Solution

Museo® Enhance™ is the ideal coating for Giclee canvas applications. Museo® Enhance™ exhibits the flexibility for stretching canvas with no cracking of the clear coat. Museo® Enhance™ reduces or eliminates pinholes normally encountered when applying liquid laminates to ink jet coated canvas. Enhance™ is formulated for water resistant canvas only and is used with pigmented inks. Enhance™ Gloss, Semi-gloss and Matte coating solutions can be applied with most application techniques including automated equipment and are available in Quarts and Gallons. Enhance™ is also compatible with most micro-pourous inkjet receptive substrates including Fine Art and Photo Papers. Must be printed with pigmented inks.

The match component set of Museo® Enhance™ and Museo® Artistry™ Canvas or Magiclee™ Torino 17M Canvas, guarantees archivability of the finished product for 100+ years*.  The match component sets have been tested for image stability at the Image Permanence Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology.

FINISH QUART (6 pack) GALLON (4 pack)
Satin 71184 71185
Gloss 71186 71187
Matte 71182 71183

See Image Stability Document.

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