I have been a commercial photographer in the Chicago area since 1981, with a concentration on architectural assignments, but also an interest in people, products and life cycle events. Like many photographers, I was heavily influenced by a photography instructor; but the main sources of inspiration came to me from the shelves at my local book store. It quickly became apparent that anyone with a camera, good observational skills and some mobility, could explore the world around them and over time create their own visual signature.

After many years of producing still photographs of exactly what appeared directly before me, I became intrigued with the notion of creating "motion pictures" in the literal, still photography sense. By experimenting with both the camera and the subject matter, I developed ways to form my own interpretive images of the real world.  

The Kinetic Molecular Theory of matter states that "matter is made up of particles that are constantly moving." In these images--which I call Time Fragments--while the molecules are busy bouncing, my photographic method of capture adds to the action. 

Hopefully the results both please and puzzle the eye. In some cases, it is obvious what is being seen. In other photographs, the viewer is left to ponder and devise their own explanation. Multiple descriptions for many of these images have been proposed, which only proves another long held theorem taught to me during childhood, "You can't judge a book by its cover." 

Likewise, in the case of Time Fragments, "What you see, is not always what you think you see." 

Barry Rustin Photography
Wilmette, Illinois